Leather Clothing

Are you a welder looking for tough clothing?

Look no more. Our STEERSOtuff® and Golden Brown™ leather welding jackets and upper garments are as tough as they come. STEERSOtuff® jackets and cape sleeves are equipped with premium features for comfort and protection, such as the raglan style shoulders for weight distribution, collars lined with FR cotton, and spatter guard flaps behind the coated front snaps, and many more.

Looking for a cost effective alternative to leather welding clothes? See our patented Arc Knight® clothing line made of heavy weight flame resistant cotton. The Arc Knight® line offers the best protection and comfort while maintaining a cool temperature for industry professionals.

44-2130 Leather Welding Jacket.png

Golden Brown™ Leather Apparel

44-7300 STEERSOtuff Leather Jacket.png

STEERSOtuff® Leather Apparel

38-4350 Arc Knight Jacket.png

Arc Knight® Heavy Duty


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