Protective Welding Headgear

Weldas® USA manufactures head protection that is both unique and innovative. Many of the designs of our welding products are patented, and all products are application tested. Our company understands the importance of protecting a welder’s head and hair when working with high heat and flames. No matter what extreme environment you are working in, Weldas USA’s head protective garments have you covered! We offer protective and attractive caps, doo rags, hoods, helmet liners, sweatbands, and more. Our most requested item in our headgear category is the helmet sweatbands.

20-3200V SWEATSOpad Hard Hat Sweatband

Helmet Sweatbands

23-97XX Welding Cap/Doo Rag

Welding Caps & Doo Rags

23-6680 Blue Helmet Liner

Winter Helmet Liners


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