From the welding student to the veteran, Weldas® has been the Professional’s Choice when it comes to welding and industrial apparel since 1984. For over 35 years we have built a reputation in our industry for having the highest quality products, best product knowledge and best service.


About Us

Weldas® has become a worldwide presence with offices and warehouses in America, China, and Europe. As an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer with networking worldwide, we are able to produce higher quality products, better communicate with all markets, and customize product design and production processes. Other benefits as a manufacturer are response time to adjust for customer needs, accurate production with better materials, and competitive pricing.


Premium Products

Weldas® manufactures premium quality protective clothing for welding and industrial use with special focus on comfort, consistency, and durability. From our welding jackets and TIG/MIG leather gloves to our shop protection line and headgear/sweatbands, we have welders covered for safety, comfort, and style. Click on the button below to see the online products we offer welders, metal workers, and other industrial professionals.