10-1008 : SOFTouch™ Leather Goatskin TIG Gloves

Weldas SOFTouch™ TIG gloves are made from superior materials for comfort and hand protection. These TIG gloves have a fit proven in welding and high heat industries to offer the best fingertip sensitivity for precision welding. The seamless index finger and straight thumb provides unobstructed control of the wire and the 2″ cuff on this style provides freedom of movement for the wrist. These gloves are made for Tungsten Inert Gas welding (TIG).

  • Sizes: S-XXL

  • Product number 10-1008

  • Length: 2″cuff

  • Color(s): Pearl Leather

  • Material:Top Grain Goat Skin, Side Split Cowhide Cuff, Kevlar® Sewn