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Weldas USA manufactures premium quality protective clothing for welding and industrial use with special focus on comfort, consistency, and durability. From our welding jackets and TIG/MIG leather gloves to our shop protection line and headgear/sweatbands, we have welders covered for safety, comfort, and style. Click on the “View Products” button below each of the product categories to see the online products we offer welders, metal workers, and other industrial professionals.

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Welding Gloves Leather Brown

Premium Leather Welding
Gloves TIG MIG Work

Weldas doesn’t merely make leather welding gloves; we design, manufacture, and test them to ensure the absolute best quality and ultimate comfort. Weldas uses only premium quality hides and materials in our gloves, and thanks to our factory being ISO 9001:2000 certified, you can rest assured that last pair you’ll buy will be as good as the first. Because your productivity shouldn’t be measured by how long you can wear your gloves. We are the professional welder’s choice in welding gloves and premium clothing. From MIG and TIG to Drivers, we carry gloves to meet any high heat or work need.
Leather Welding Jacket

Leather Welding Jackets &
Protective Clothing

Looking for tough? Look no more. Our STEERSOtuff and QUALITY leather garments are as tough as they come. STEERSOtuff jackets and cape sleeves come with more standard features that offer the best comfort and protection compared to any other welding jacket, such as the raglan style shoulders for weight distribution, collars lined with FR cotton, and spatter guard flaps behind the coated front snaps.
Arc Knight Heavy Duty Clothing Jackets Welding Safety

Arc Knight® Heavy Duty Hybrid
Welder Jackets & Clothing

For over 30 years, Weldas has set the standard in industrial welding safety and now we’re revolutionizing it for years to come. Looking for a leather alternative in protective jackets and clothing? Weldas Arc Knight™ line is made of heavy duty FR Cotton to keep you cool and comfortable with leather in the areas where maximum durability is needed. This welding apparel line includes a hybrid jacket, cape sleeves, overalls, and sleeves.
Flame Retardant Welding Clothing

Flame Retardant Industrial
Clothing: Green, Navy, & More

Whether it is the industry preferred navy blue work/casual wear or the standard visual green, these washable flame retardant garments incorporate more features designed for your safety and comfort than any other FR clothing in the industry. Features such as durable hemmed collars, comfortable underarm sport cut patterns, and spatter guard flaps behind the snaps with bar tack stitching at major stress points (COOL FR only). We offer a variety of safety jackets, coveralls, pants, and other FR industrial clothing.
Large Orange Sweatbands Hard Hat

Welding Head Protection: Hard
Hat Sweatbands Doo Rags, Caps &

Weldas Head Protection is considered the best in the industry. Our headgear products are both unique and innovative to meet the demand of serious welders and other industrial workers. Many of the designs of our products are patented, and all of it is treated for flame resistance. No matter what extreme environment your working in, Weldas Head Protective garments have you covered!

Sweatbands and Doo Rags

Our hard hat and helmet orange sweatbands and camo doo rags (caps) are some of our most popular products. Our designers had both aesthetics and maximum welding protection in mind when creating our headgear lines.

Welding Screens Red Black

Shop Heat & Flame Protection:Screens Blankets

Weldas knows how important it is to safegaurd your fellow workers and expensive equipment. Our innovative designs and durable materials make it easy to protect your shop, with features such as easy toolless assembly of our screens and frames, nylon-zippered cable covers, and the heavy-duty durability of our LAVAshield welding blankets.
orange sweatbands head protection

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Browse for Weldas products (Jackets, Gloves, Sweatbands, More) by Brand. Choose from COMFOflex, BOARSOtuff, COMBOframe, Elksotuff, LAVAshield, PYTHONrap, Softouch, STEERSOtuff, SWEATSOpad Helmet Sweatbands, TURMOflex, and Yellowjacket.