Driver’s Gloves

Ideal for applications involving material handling, fitting and light duty welding, Weldas’ premium driver’s style work gloves feature the best leather available and are made with a snug fitting pattern to ensure that they are both comfortable and versatile.

  • Thundering Bison – Genuine North American Bison hides offer better tear and abrasion resistance than cowhide and are as form-fitting and pliable as deerskin.
  • STEERSOtuff® – Excellent durability and quality
  • BOARSOtuff® – Reverse grain leather puts the smooth side against your skin for incomparable comfort
  • DEERSOsoft® – Best fit and most comfortable

10-2700 : Premium Top Grain Cowhide

•Material: Grade A Grain Cowhide
•Quality: Best

Leathers Driver Gloves Brown Pigskin

10-2730 : Reverse Pigskin

, ,

•Material: Reverse Pigskin
•Quality: Best

10-2300 : Deerskin Palm / Split Cowhide Back

•Material: Deerskin Palm / Split Cowhide Back
•Quality: Better

10-2633 : Top Grain Bison / Split Cowhide Back

•Material: Grain Bison Palm / Split Cowhide Back
•Quality: Best

leather welding gloves light brown

10-2064 : Standard Split Cowhide

•Material: Split Cowhide
•Quality: Good