Arc Knight® Heavy Duty Welding Apparel

For over 30 years, Weldas® unsurpassed quality has set the standard in industrial welding safety and is now revolutionizing it for years to come. Weldas® new Arc Knight® line is sturdily constructed of heavy duty FR Cotton for cool breathable comfort and fortified with leather where maximum protection and durability is required. For all your welding jobs, suit up with Arc Knight® welding armor from Weldas®!

Cape Sleeve Welders Black Gray

38-4328 : Arc Knight® Welding Cape Sleeves


Heavy Duty FR Cape Sleeves. Offers superior protection compared to standard FR garments and a more comfortable and cost effective alternative to leather.

38-4321 : Arc Knight® Sleeves

Extremely durable Heavy Duty FR Cotton Sleeves

38-4340 : Arc Knight® Overall

Heavy Duty FR Cotton and Side Split cowhide overalls